Presented by: Chimacum Middle School

This is what 1000 letters looks like!

We saved the best. Thank you very much for your time and commitment to help the Monarch Butterfly.

We do read each of your letters and do our best to answer your questions and add the information to this site so that others may learn from your questions as well. Your efforts have helped us distribute over 40 MILLION milkweed seeds since we began this program in 2003. Thank you!

Your pictures and drawings have been awesome!

The Contest! Anyone can win...Yes even you!

Just send in a picture of a Monarch butterfly or related butterfly idea. There is no time limit and entries will recieve a special Monarch Gift. You may enter as many times as you want.

See complete directions below.


Our first contests have ended with some really great pictures and excellent participation by so many tallented kids and their parents too. Thank you for your letters they keep us motivated during long hours of stuffing envelopes with seed packs.

Winners are notified by mail, email or phone.

Usual Prizes are big seed packs and mesh socks so you can raise your own caterpillars safely. $8 Value

Yes, you can enter our ongoing contest and win one of the above prizes. We will pick all winners and notify them directly. To enter just send your picture and self adressed stamped envelope to:

Live Monarch Foundation - Contest
3003-C8 Yamato Road #1015
Boca Raton, Florida 33434

Please include a self adressed stamped envelope and place your full name and contact information on the back of your picture so we can easily identify the artist. Everyone wins a Live Monarch Gift!


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