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Welcome to the Live Monarch Store 2018

We have moved to North Georgia and are creating a new facility. We are already growing milkweeds and will have the buying links activated on March 1st. Tropical Milkweed plants will begin to ship on March 30th. Our initial production will be limited as our mother stock is still undersized. We planted several varieties of Milkweed so keep your fingers crossed for their success.

While our site is being reinvented the rest of our site can be found using the "SITE MAP".

This store supports our campaign to keep the sky filled with fluttering friends and to help you gain knowledge to make better choices and protect our environment. We hope you will help us distribute milkweed across North America and share your seeds and knowledge with friends and family. Please use email first but if more than a day passes and your need is urgent please call us at 877 722-8624 and we will do our best to quickly assist you.

Lets make 2018 the year the Monarch recovers its migration numbers and secures its historical migration route. Thank you! LMF Staff

All orders placed through our store become part of our database and are easily found by name or ID number. We strongly prefer that you first complete the order process to get an order number, payment choices are after you have an order number. If you have remaining questions after getting an order number please contact us. There are three payment choices Credit Card, Pay Pal, and Check. *Small Orders and Purchase Orders* (see bottom of page for more details)

Please select a category:


FREE Milkweed SEED and SMALL DONATION PAGE (3 types of seed currently offered)
Quick online purchase of seeds or orders by US mail.

Living Milkweed Plants (Asclepias Curassavica) - Buying links activated on March 1st.
Tropical Milkweed plants will begin to ship on March 30th.

Seeds and Seed Packs (Buy in bulk or you can personalize a pack with text or pictures to distribute)
Essential Care Tools (when every caterpillar counts- sanitizer and in hand microscopes. Ensure their health.)
Miracle Fruits and Plants (An awesome healthy alternative to sugar. Grow your own!)
Gift Certificates (let the recipient decide what they need, an easy gift!)
Adult Butterflies for Release Limited Availability Restrictions due to Weather and region.
Caterpillar Growing Kits (Not Currently Offered.)
Monarch Eggs and Caterpillars (Not Currently Offered.)
Pupae Gift box or singly (Not Currently Offered.)
Protective Enclosures (Not Currently Offered.)

Take some time to view each category above to find new items
and to learn how to make raising healthy butterflies fun.

Additional information -

Concerning living items like plants, we will hold your order until safe to ship to your area. We will organize based on your location and appreciate your patience unless you take responsibility for the shipment.

Please assist us to quickly and efficiently process all orders; by first filling out our order form to get an order number. Any remaining questions or needs can be handled in the notes section, or by phone call or email with your order number as reference.

We understand that some may not have access to a computer or understand how to use online payment systems and we will assist you efficiently by phone. We will always ask if you are able to use our online forms as this gives you far more information and the ability to recheck your input carefully. The average small purchase of $15 leaves no profit to absorb the cost of a 10+ minute call to carefully copy your basic information onto our order form and explain each item in detail. We no longer can accept a PO due to the problems we have had getting paid by a few. Your assistance will help us continue to keep costs low for us all. Thank you.