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Our Staff is working very hard to fill all new milkweed orders for this season! Please note that at this time we only are taking orders for Tropical Milkweed an annual in most areas, it will die back after a freeze, we suggest you purchase Northern milkweed seed too for all areas that expect a hard freeze or snow unless you can protect the plants from temps below 30F. First time buyers please read this page carefully. We will ship based on the order number in our pile, weather safety and your desired plant delivery date. If the choices disappear below we have already sold more milkweed than is available and need time to catch up. Check this page for updates.


Any order placed will be shipped after payments have been processed and weather permitting. We will send an email or call before we ship so you know when to expect delivery. We ship 2X every week to the oldest orders in our pile first, please respect this line and all the others who are on it.

Take advantage of this easy way to hold a spot in line for Milkweed plants. Demand is very high and this might be your only chance to get low cost, pre-grown milkweed ready to plant in your gardens to help the Monarch Migration. Please put any special information on the order form like the date you would like delivery and size of your classroom if you are a school.

Thank you for your help to save the Monarch Migration. LMF Staff


Living Plants Milkweed = Monarchs     A simple equation!

Milkweed Plants (arrive ready for you to plant)

Most peat pots will have TWO STEMS = TWO PLANTS to cut down on weight and the cost of postage. See picture... the right peat pot has two plants. You do not have to separate, they like growing together. Example: you order 10 plants and get 6 peat pots with 11 stems, that is 11 plants in 6 peat pots- always count your stems.

Get a 45 day jump start on seeds by buying Rooted milkweed cuttings as pictured to the right. Asclepais curassavica: red , yellow and orange flowers. These are not quite large enough to feed a caterpillar, but will grow quickly and attract Monarchs to your garden. Type quantity below. Milkweed prefers full sun with light fertilizer for fastest growth. You can always order caterpillars later when your garden is full of milkweed plants. You can never have too many! One Monarch can lay 600 eggs.
Rooted Milkweed Cuttings

We include extras in larger orders for free! These plants will be large enough to keep pace with a hungry growing caterpillar within a few weeks of new growth time! Please plan ahead so you do not have starving caterpillars. We ship perfect pesticide free Milkweed plants like these pictured...however lack of light during 3-4 day shipment will result in some yellow or dead leaves. 99% of the time even sad looking plants recover fast and will grow into a beautiful milkweed food source for your fluttering friends.
We no not use any pesticides, only beneficial bugs to keep pests in check - while we wash and carefully inspect every plant before we ship - if you see some orange dots on your plants, these are oleander aphids, you can squish them or soak your plants in water for 5 minutes to drown them...Soapy water will suffocate any pests on your plants...wash off residue.

During extreme weather express shipping may be necessary to keep plants alive and is highly reccomened for all larger orders. We typically ship orders of 20 or more by Priority mail but do not guarantee their typical delivery times of 2-5 business days.

Extra Notes: Asclepais curassavica is the main type we grow for sale. It is a southern variety that is favored by professional breeders and Monarchs throughout North America, it grows fast but will not survive a hard freeze. Save the thousand seeds it can easily produce and you are set for next year with plenty to share. It is a great choice, but if you want cold hardy plants we have Syraiaca and Speciosa seeds for northern climates. There are many types of milkweed but few sources for seeds and plants for most. Support your local nurseries and ask them to grow and carry local varieties of Milkweed - Pesticide free !



Have you seen a warning that Milkweed can hurt the Monarchs or their Migration?: There is an unfortunate campaign underway to change the way you view the world and stop you from taking action to heal it. Science is often misused to make a point that is false or misleading. This is commonly called propaganda ( information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.) Sadly the Monarch has been caught up in the mix for quite some time. If only they did not migrate through millions of acres of GMO crops or land on flowers contaminated by toxins. But that is not our reality. Please do not be frightened by the scare tactics that tell you some Milkweed is "killing, trapping or harming the Monarchs or their Migration". Your efforts to plant Milkweed are appreciated by every Monarch that survives the REAL threats to all of us. If you find questionable articles that seem to "spin" the facts about Milkweed and Monarchs please let us know and read our responses to them here. Agribusiness knows that we find their products and actions objectionable and are looking for every opportunity to convince you that these had nothing to do with the Monarch problem.

Click here to see examples of articles that we find objectionable and our comments about them. Click here for our responses and investigations

We support local producers and hope you seek out native varieties.

If you can not find a local supplier or resource become one. Share your knowledge, plants and seeds.

Asclepias Curassavica Asclepias-speciosa Asclepias-syriaca
Asclepias-curassavicaCurassavica Asclepias-syriacasyriaca Asclepias-speciosaspeciosa
Asclepias-curassavica - This is hands down the favorite egg laying and food plant of Monarchs. This is the only type we have offered as pregrown plants. fast growing produces as much as 1,000 seeds per plant to save and share. Use as a backup resource when local varieties are exhausted. The seeds we supply are ready to plant no special preparation necessary. <8 day germination at 70F. Asclepias-syriaca - also know as common Milkweed this was once the major diet of the Monarchs. A 4' plant with large thick leaves that feed many Monarchs. Will survive winters and a prolific seed producer. We ship this type first until our supplies are exhausted then switch to speciosa for Northern regions. Germination is variable dependent on source. typically <10 days

Asclepias-speciosa - A beautiful plant up to 4' tall with large thick leaves that feed many Monarchs. Will survive winters and a prolific seed producer. The seed we supply are ready to plant no special "stratification" necessary. <14 day germination.

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